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Kruggo® Cold Brewed Tea Capsule Strainer

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  • What if your daily water bottle can immediately make your favourite taste of cold-brewed tea and let you enjoy it anytime, anywhere?
  • With the Kruggo® Cold Brewed Tea Capsule Strainer, add your favourite tea/fruit etc. and you can turn most mineral water bottles into cold-brewed tea for you to enjoy whenever you want.


Main Features

  • 🍵 Instant Cold Brew Tea
    With Kruggo®, you can enjoy fresh and healthy cold-brewed tea, turning any bottle into a teacup by simply putting tea bags, tea leaves, fruit, dried flowers etc. into Kruggo®.
  • 🍵 Easy Control Of The Tea's Flavour
    Allows you to control the flavour of the tea by inverting and tilting it for as long as you want to drink strong/light tea and control your intake of tea polyphenols.
  • Allows accurate control of the freshness and healthiness of the tea components so you can have the freshest, healthiest and best tasting cold brewed tea!

  • 🍵 Firmly Stuck & Tight
    The 28mm silicone ring allows the Kruggo® to snap into the mouth of the bottle, forcing the Kruggo® to be suspended inside the water bottle but without directly touching the mouth. 
  • As the container is inserted fully into the water bottle, it neither prevents the container and the water bottle cap from being tightened nor reduces the airtightness of the container cap at the connection with the water bottle.
  • 🍵 High-Quality & Compact Size
    High-quality 304 stainless steel, good corrosion resistance, high and low-temperature resistance, reusable, easy to clean, can be rinsed directly with water. Non-absorbent, not easy to breed bacteria and mould
  • Lightweight and portable, durable, small size, easy to put in various size mineral water bottles to make your cold brew tea at any time.


Product Weight
  • 157G
Product Size
(L x W x H)
  • 100 × 34 × 34MM
Package Contents
  • Kruggo® Cold Brewed Tea Capsule Strainer × 1
Material 304 Stainless Steel



  • Due to manual measurements, please allow slight measurement deviations.